a dinner

Are you looking for a tasty gift for relatives or friends?

Here are our gift vouchers “I’ll give you a dinner” it is possible to give one of our tasting menus, with or without the pairing of wines, or freely choose an amount that the beneficiary will use as he pleases

It is essential to remember to enter the name of the beneficiary (or beneficiaries) or a comment or greeting to be printed on the gift card

Gift vouchers are sent automatically by email. Within 1 hour of the purchase you will receive a temporary voucher and the payment receipt, in the following 24 hours the definitive voucher which will be sufficient to print

It is also possible to request the postal delivery of the paper voucher, which will take 7-10 working days to be delivered

gift vouchers can be used upon reservation, on any day the restaurant is open for both lunch and dinner, subject to availability of free seats

The purchase can only be made by credit card; debit and debit cards are not accepted

In case of problems with the purchase of the gift voucher online, contact us at or at +393441708004, we will be happy to help you.